Social Security Solutions LLC provides pre-retirement analysis for individuals and couples, assists clients filing for retirement, disability, and Medicare claims online, conducts Social Security Seminars for professionals, businesses, their employees and clients, and researches Social Security issues for professionals and businesses.

Denny’s unique, customer focused approach eliminates the stress of dealing with the government. Consultation and claims filing can be done in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere at Denny’s office, or long distance over the phone and internet. This eliminates the long waits and frustrations of visits to the Social Security offices. Denny is available before, during and after the claims process to provide support and answer questions.

Most importantly, Denny provides sound guidance on retirement, widow(er), disability, and other benefit issues such as:

Who is eligible for what benefits?
Options available to Individual and couples regarding the best time to file.
Is it possible to keep working and still receive some retirement benefits?
How do earnings affect Social Security benefits if filing before your Full Retirement Year or in your Full Retirement Year?
What choices do spouses, divorced spouses, widows/ers and divorced widows/ers have at various ages or in their Full Retirement Year?
The three Medicare enrollment periods and how they work.
Income related Medicare Part B premium adjustments.
Filing for disability benefits and how to document your inability to work for the best possible chance to be approved.
Filing for disability benefits after you begin receiving Social Security retirement or widow(er) benefits.

You can conduct your Social Security business in a relaxed atmosphere knowing you have an expert assisting you who is on your side.