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Agreement and Fees


Engagement for Social Security Assistance

Social Security Solutions LLC (SSS), aka Dennis M. Heywood, will provide services under the following terms and conditions:

Social Security Retirement Analysis

  • SSS will review the information in your case and provide benefit amount options and entitlement dates for you to consider.
  • SSS will safeguard and protect all personal and financial information according to the Privacy Act. Personal information and documents will be shredded and/or deleted after a one-year retention period.

When requested:

  • SSS will complete the appropriate Social Security application(s) and other forms for your retirement, survivor, disability, or Medicare claim(s).
  • SSS will submit such claim(s) and information to the Social Security Administration within the appropriate timeframes to protect your entitlement to benefits.
  • SSS will provide you a copy of all documents submitted to the Social Security Administration.

SSS assistance in no way guarantees the approval of your claim for Social Security benefits and is not responsible for the follow-up on claims sent to Social Security. If you have not heard from Social Security within four to six weeks, you must contact them. SSS is not your appointed representative with the Social Security Administration.

SSS fees are:

  • Retirement Analysis-$325 individual, $595 couple
  • Claim filing assistance-$225
  • Disability claim filing assistance-$795
  • Other issues-$300/Hr
  • All fees are due at the time service is completed.

Please sign below that you understand the terms of this agreement.

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