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Retirement Analysis


1. Information Form: It appears after you select CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED below. One for each member of a couple. It comes directly to me when you hit SEND.

2. Your Social Security Statement(s): Click this link (Social Security), or open www.ssa.gov in your browser. You will be connected to the SS website. Sign in or create a “My Social Security” account to access your statement.

3. Complete Earnings History: Also located in your “My Social Security” account. Scroll down to “EARNINGS-Your full earnings record now”. You will see each year of your earnings broken out separately.

4.  Please mail or scan and email the Statement(s) and Earnings History. 

  • I will acknowledge receipt of your Form, Social Security Statement, and Earnings Record when received.

Retirement Analysis Explanation

img9This is a detailed personal review of clients’ options as they approach retirement age. It is specific to the individual or couples involved and reveals what benefits will be available and when, so it can be incorporated into their portfolio and financial plans. While this analysis can be provided at age 62 through 66, it is usually best to have the information prior to age 62 (age 60 widow/er) to utilize all possible options.

The analysis provides the following information:

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